Request to Buyers and Lessees

Before you phone to enquire about a property to let please clarify to your own satisfaction what MUST HAVE features you require. This will save you time and unnecessary traveling.

  • Size, number of offices and the size of offices.
  • Size of factory or storage space required.
  • Total size of the building.
  • Access requirements.
  • Size of doors required.
  • Height if roof.
  • Loading and offloading requirements.
  • Parking and turning requirements for trucks or LDVs.
  • Total size of the property.
  • Change room facilities.


A list of NICE TO HAVE features may help you and us in identifying you requirements quickly.

For Sale, To Let

Request to Sellers and Lessors

Please supply all the information listed above when submitting a property.
Please supply the name of the entity in whose name the property is registered as well as the registration number if it is registered by a legal entity and also the erf number, physical address, and all the details of the person who is duly authorised signatory to any agreement. This is required to comply with the FICA stipulations.