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Haenertzburg Farm

Reference No: H001
Extent: 200 Ha
Improvements: 3 Phase power

4 Boreholes , 2 being used

Reservoir +- 40 000 lit

4 Trout dams in course of stream through length of farm. one in need of repaair

2 Weirs which can be converted into trout dams

Roads to all sections of farm.

6 Cattle camps fenced
Houses: 3 Bedroom 180m2 with spectacular view of Wolkberg range.

2 Bedroom 120m2 + Garage and office 92m2 + store room 30m2
Accomodation: 3 glass fibre Igloos with beds, bathroom / toilet and kitchenette

+- 40m2 each for overnight accommodation.

3 rooms 9m2
Sheds: Shed 1 and afdak 250m2

Zink shed 98m2

Pig pen shed 200m2 Can be converted.
Agriculture: 7 ha Pine plantation 17yrs

40 ha opslag Pine pruned 15 to 17 yrs

75ha arrable lands. If provided with water , could all be under avo's.

30ha irrigable lands.

40ha grazing

5 ha indigenous forest
Asking investment: R25 000 000.00
Contact: Orrie Baragwanath
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Ref: Contact me via e-mail to view property. Ref GEM FARM.